What to consider before choosing videoconferencing solutions

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What to consider before choosing videoconferencing solutions

Nowadays, all companies have, among their technological priorities, the choice of a video conferencing solution suited to their internal and external communication needs.

In this article we will talk about the videoconferencing solutions to consider, both for those companies that are starting their business venture, as well as for those that have been operating for some time and are thinking of introducing a videoconferencing solution for the first time.

There are many solutions available

Currently there are many solutions to meet the needs of video communication in the company, such as the acquisition of a proprietary video conferencing infrastructure, the use of third-party services or the use of well-known free applications such as Skype or Facetime.

The use of one or another solution will depend on many factors that must be taken into account when incorporating videoconferencing in a company. Issues such as the size and internal organization of the company, the offices and delegations it has, the existence of international suppliers or clients, the number and cost of trips made by employees to attend meetings, etc. must be considered.

The proprietary video conferencing infrastructure provides the following advantages:

High quality: perform videoconferencing sessions with high quality video and audio (most of the new equipment now offers HD video quality and there are even telepresence systems that achieve an unparalleled communication experience). Logitech Video Conferencing System is an example how a videoconferencing system provides HD quality for its video and audio.

Maximum security: A high level of security and encryption in communications to avoid problems during videoconferencing sessions of sensitive content for the company.

Solutions of specialized companies: to have solutions from specialized manufacturers and suppliers, with high knowledge of the sector and with specific products for each case and client.

To have an infrastructure in property: being able to make videoconferences at any moment, without needing to plan the hiring of a service in the cloud or the rent of the systems to a third party


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