Top 3 3D Animation Software for Windows Systems

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Top 3 3D Animation Software for Windows Systems

Computer animation is nothing but the art of creating moving images with the use of computers. Today, the demand for moving digital images is more than ever before. Special effects have become a part and parcel of modern entertainment be it movies, television shows or video games.

Let’s see what the top three animation software for Windows systems are.


Developed as an in-house application by the Dutch animation studio Neo Geo in January 1995, today it is a free open source 3D creation suite. This integrated application enables the creation of a broad range of 2D and 3D content. It supports a wide array of activities like rigging, animation, modelling, simulation, composition and motion tracking, video editing and game creation.

The free software you download today is the combined work of hundreds of people, including animators, professionals, hobbyists, scientists, game artists etc. They have developed this software into its current form, where transforming, creating, and editing the models has become an easy job. It has an object tracking and production-ready camera, which allows you to import the footage, track, mask areas and see the camera movements live. This software is extensively used for making short films, ads, feature movies and even TV series.

Autodesk Maya

Here’s another great 3D animation software that can be downloaded from Fever of Software. Once you have it on your system, you can use it to create and develop 3D scenes, games, flying logos, title sequences etc. It is easy to use and is the perfect choice when it comes to animating, modelling and colouring. The speed enhancement feature makes the scene work faster, while the intuitive brush-based grooming tools provide better control and accuracy when it comes to hair and fur.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Web designing is not just about choosing the right graphics or layouts. You need to capture the audience’s attention by creating eye-popping visuals. Aurora 3D allows you to create that stunning 3D animation, which not only captures but also holds the audience’s attention by taking the logos and texts to an altogether different level.

Couple your creative mind with these software and go ahead to create some stunning 3D animations.


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