Things to Consider When Choosing an eDiscovery Service Provider

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Things to Consider When Choosing an eDiscovery Service Provider

How do you choose an eDiscovery service provider from among the numerous providers in the eDiscovery market? How do you know a provider can get the job done in time and according to your specification, or can even handle your project at all?

You can only know a good provider by trying them out. Not all professionals do great jobs. These are ways of evaluating and finding knowledgeable service providers that can create an economical software that is very efficient for your case. However, I always advise that if you are afraid of falling into the hands of unreliable providers, you can always use the services of some M&A advisory companies like Arbor Ridge Partners to ease the job. Below are certain things you should carefully put into consideration when choosing an eDiscovery service provider.

#1: Find out past performance on a similar project

The experiences providers have in handling past jobs will provide some insight into how they will handle the current job and offers a basis through which to judge their credibility. If a person has handled a similar job, find out how successful it was. If it went well or things got bad, find out what exactly happened and why. If you’re told that everything was okay all the time, then you should be certain they aren’t very reliable because problems arise almost all the time even with proficient providers. Dig into their past works until you have enough information to be comfortable, and deliberately ask for their mistakes.

#2: Know who you’d be working with

Many times, when things get twisted and you want to complain, you’ll be directed to someone you’ve not been working with, like the manager. You’ve already built a relationship with the sales rep, and at this point, he’s not accountable for your problems. Avoid this by knowing those who are important in the management of your project. Have conversations with them face to face, especially your primary contact- the person doing the actual work. Get your providers attention. Let them know you and not just the project they are handling.

#3: Client References

If your provider is not being honest, the clients he has done business with will be. Client references are probably the best way to evaluate and access providers. You can get the names and contacts of their previous clients, converse with them by asking everything you want to know – if they were satisfied, if there were complications, if they would again like to use that provider and why, if they think the provider can handle your project, if they felt it was expensive, how they would rate the provider they worked with, etc. This information gives you your best shot at assessing providers.

#4: Are the tools they have experience with the best for your project?

A provider might have all the knowledge of a particular tool but not tell you there’s a better one that will be more effective functionally and economically. Make sure the provider is using tools that are right for you by asking about them and researching them.

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