The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Likes

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The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Likes

Instagram has changed the algorithm of displaying photos. Now they aren’t displaying it chronologically, but posts are displayed as per the engagement of the users in that post. This has made influencers, as well as businesspersons complain about it, as likes and followers are tough to make engaged with every post.

Influencers and businesspersons have a lot to do with the algorithm change of Instagram, they depend on Instagram to make gains in their revenues. Most of the influencers prefer Instagram as their primary social media, and they get paid from the sponsors who pay them for their posts that can influence the audiences. You will be surprised to know that aspiring influencers earn as much as $18,000 on every post they make. Becoming an influencer isn’t that tough. You just need to make a big followers base of your account, then the brands will notice you and make a deal with you.

And this is why the businesses and influencers complained about the change of algorithm because the new algorithm changes their whole strategy. Now engagement is needed to get your post more popular, and for that, you need more likes and followers.

And why would you buy likes when you are getting free Instagram likes.

How to buy likes on Instagram?

Two methods are there to buy likes on Instagram, but are not recommended:

  • Some services will send you fake accounts.
  • Some services will give you access to bots.

The first process isn’t recommended because you can buy Instagram fake likes and this will increase the number of your Instagram followers, but this process won’t make any increase in interaction with Instagram users as the accounts are fake, they can’t all engage with you. And as per the new algorithm, if there’s less engagement, your post won’t go popular or viral.

Another problem with fake accounts is that they are accounts without any profile and pictures, and so it might come in the notice of Instagram, and not only those fake accounts will be banned, there’s a risk that your account also might get banned.

The second process isn’t also recommended because bots will like your posts, will comment on them. The comments like “Good post,” or “Nice post,” such comments might seem natural, but they are bots, they don’t know where not to use the posts. For example, you are sad at the death of a family or neighbor, and you post a picture of their funeral, and the bots comment on that post, “Good post,” that won’t be nice to say, right? But the truth is that these things happen. The long-term users of Instagram can easily recognize bots. So, might be they will un-follow you because you use unethical measures.

There is another wrong thing about bots, is that after some time they will also un-follow you suddenly, at the time when you are not even expecting it. This is how they maintain balance, such that Instagram cannot identify them as bots.


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