The Best Dashboard Cameras in the Industry

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The Best Dashboard Cameras in the Industry

The digital age and current technological revolution are not only responsible for inventing new, ground-breaking solutions but… to our pleasure and convenience, they’ve also made old designs simpler and more applicable for commercial and business use. Such as this great gadget for responsible drivers.

The dashboard camera has been around for years, but it wasn’t realistic for an average driver to own one until very recently. Since the early 1980s, these convenient filming and surveillance solutions were made only for professional racers and filmmakers. Now, your business can finally get one too.

Here’s why you absolutely need a dashboard camera, and how to find the best one in the industry:

How Dashboard Cameras Can Benefit Your Business

Anyone who spends a great amount of time on the road knows how merging and blind spots can spoil a smooth drive. To steer away from bumpy roads, smart drivers are now installing surveillance cameras everywhere from the dashboard to passenger mirrors.

Smart vehicles, be they supported by AI systems or not, come with dedicated software that use cameras to gather data and make sure that the vehicle stays in the lane, stops on time, and auto-parks. But these solutions are very costly, especially when you need to equip all your employees with a car.

Dashboard cameras, on the other hand, offer a host of benefits for businessmen across industries, whether they provide their products and services on-the-go, or simply reward their best employees with company cars. Whatever the case, the primary purpose of dashboard cameras is – public safety.

So, the first and main benefit of dashboard cameras for business use is the safety of the general public. On top of that dashboard cameras provide safety to employees who are using company vehicles and the safety of the company’s assets that are being transported, which includes the safety of the vehicle itself. Every other benefit is a variation on this theme such as:

  • Proof needed for insurance reasons and asset protection.

In case of an accident of any kind, a dashboard camera can provide video evidence that showcases exactly what happened. This can help companies deter and combat insurance fraud, not to mention keep the vehicle safe when unoccupied. All dashboard cameras, this is to say, enable remote viewing.

  • Enable companies to monitor and incentivize responsible drivers.

Not only does a dashboard camera enable companies to keep track of the employees responsible for driving their vehicles, thus staying on top of time and money needed to get from point A to point B, but it also allows them to reward employees for safe driving and penalize others for unsafe behavior.

Autocam Dashboard Camera

Autocam specializes in providing dash cam solutions for companies in need of tight fleet management. When we say solution, we mean more than just a product, since Autocam dashboard camera comes with a comprehensive system for smart fleet management.

The Autocam Air FMS system for fleet management offers capabilities for:

  • high-definition asset tracking
  • reporting and statistics
  • automated health checks
  • over-the-air remote configuration and updates

The camera itself boasts a variety of features, all designed to make fleet management easier.

Exclusive Features of the Autocam Dashboard Camera

Autocam is the complete, cloud-based fleet management solution. On top of that, there are additional exclusive individual features included with their dashboard camera. As a mobile network drive recorder, it supports 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and tethering, and has two built-in lenses (both road and in-cab), plus an additional satellite camera.

The Autocam AC-300 dash cam is designed to work in the harshest of environments, which is why it provides single and multi-channel views with a video output to an onboard display. It’s intuitive, low-maintenance, and reinforced with a low battery protection system and other smart power tools.

To maximize safety, this dash cam comes with a built-in shock detector and accelerometer, as well as anti-tamper and tamper detection features that restrict unauthorized access. All data is stored under encryption, thus ensuring an additional layer of protection for a fleet manager’s peace of mind.

Sophisticated fleet management solutions may not be intended for commercial use, but they certainly hold the standard for all other dashboard camera designers to strive towards. The Autocam AC-300 falls under this category as well and can keep your employees and assets safe for many drives to come.

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