Taking A Look at the Pros and Cons of Inkjet vs Laser Jet Printers

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Taking A Look at the Pros and Cons of Inkjet vs Laser Jet Printers

How to choose the right printer might not seem like an easy task, but while there are many models to choose from, this really does not have to be that difficult.  You simply have to know, first of all, what your needs are and how you want them serviced.  Then you need to know that at the base of it all there are really only two kinds of printers: inkjet and laser jet. Each have their own pros and cons, of course.


First and foremost, you should know that this is a versatile type of printer, but here are a few more benefits you might appreciate:

  • Typically lower retail price (up front cost)
  • Little “warm-up” time (can work nearly immediately)
  • Smaller and lighter than laser jet
  • Easier to maintain than laser jet (often automatic)
  • Ink can handle different fabric and paper types
  • Ink is refillable (most of the time)
  • Best for photos and image-heavy documents


Of course, there are always downsides to every option.  

  • Can be expensive if you do a lot of printing
  • Ink is water-based (so you risk bleed if the document gets wet)
  • Even though inkjet maintenance is mostly automatic, you might still need to clean the ink cartridges, a process that can waste a lot of ink
  • Slower than laser jet printers


Now that we have looked more closely at inkjet printers, lets take a look at what benefits you might enjoy if you bought a laser jet printer.

  • Lightning fast print jobs (roughly three times the speed), especially for large volume printing
  • Consistent and perfectly sharp, bold, black text regardless of font or size
  • Better base price for basic printing needs
  • Economical ink (lasts longer than inkjet ink)


At the same time, here are a few things you might not appreciate about laser jet printers:

  • Higher retail cost (up front)
  • Take longer to start (“warm-up time”)
  • Cleaning up toning leaks is complicated and often frustrating
  • Requires only simple paper (no fabrics or complex paper types)
  • Cannot handle any material that is heat sensitive
  • Cannot print complex graphics like color photographs or even charts

For the most part, laser jet printers are perfect for organizations who have simple—but bulky—printing needs.  They are best for black-and-white flyers, company memos, letter writing, etc.

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