SupplyPro Software: Features and Its two different Types

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SupplyPro Software: Features and Its two different Types

The industry is going forward with a new invention being brought in the market every second day. Now, with every segment of theindustry evolving with such power we need software’s for the medical industry as well. The advancement is a major step that is required in case of this industry since otherwise, this might as well stay behind. Now, supplypro software is something that we all have been waiting for.

This software has not only reduced the cost of services but also created a very intelligent way of running the industry for full profit. We expect maximum productivity and profit in turn which can be both attained with the use of this software. In this article, we will talk about its features and two types.

Features of the Software:

    • Tracking System: With the availability of tracking on these items that are dispatched from your counter or are yet to arrive, you know their status. You don’t have to worry about them being lost or stolen somewhere in the middle.
  • Barcode Reader: The software is known to read the barcodes on the items along with the GSTI number which is another great feature since this keeps the count in an orderly manner.
  • Device Compatibility: The compatibility of this software with the different devices is one of the best things since one can easily run it on various devices without having to fear about it shutting down.
  • Records: It maintains a record or a log with all the details about various doctors, their specialization along with their fee. This also keeps an account of the fees for different medical procedures performed.

Types of the Software: There are two different types of medical software are available created by the supplypro software:

  • Basic Version: The basic version comes with some features that are enough for someone who is just starting their business. They include:
  1. Barcode Scanning Abilities.
  2. Tracking abilities on items making it easier to have data on the item.
  3. There is also a feature that enables reporting abilities that make the whole process much easier to record.
  • Plus Version: This includes all the features that are enclosed in the basic version,and along with that it also has extra features like:
  1. This has a feature of EMR practices and also keeps records of the patients.
  2. Tracks according to doctors or patients or prescription making it much easier.

Certain features of these software’s make them great for the common crowd. One has to understand there use and then implement them for their own business!

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