Smart Home is very helpful In The Care  Of The Elderly

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Smart Home is very helpful In The Care  Of The Elderly

The aging of the population in the world today is soaring high, and that of one of the top European country Spain is a reality. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), as of January 1, 2015, there were 8.5 million people over 65 in Spain, which is 18.4% of the almost 47 million people who reside in that country.

And the percentage is increasing. It is estimated that, in 2061, the number of people over 65 will reach the figure of 16 million (38.7% of the total population).

It is a growing collective that demands a series of specific services, among which we can highlight those destined for the care of the elderly.

Efficient care for the elderly

Many older people choose to move to a residence for the elderly to live where they can take care of them, but more and more other elderly people resort to other alternatives, innovative and effective, which help them to continue enjoying their home with more comfort and safety. This is the case of those who choose to install a domotic system in their home for the care of the elderly.

Home automation is, increasingly, a more affordable resource, simple to manage and with greater advantages. Through the automation of the house, energy management, security, comfort and communication services are provided that allow the elderly to live autonomously without the need of elderly caretakers and their families, to control all the spaces in the house, in all moment and from anywhere.

This can allow older people to live independently, in their own homes, but with the supervision and care, they need.

Homes with home automation systems are smart homes that allow comfort in finishing tasks, such as turning lights on and off according to the time and presence of people, through motion sensors that detect when there is presence and turn on and off automatically. Keep homes heated according to the preferences of their occupants and climatic conditions, through a system of intelligent and domotized thermostats that maintain the optimal temperature of the house without the need to waste energy; as well as automatically raise and lower blinds according to weather and light conditions.

Also very important, homes with home automation systems perform security tasks such as sending warnings if a technical irregularity is detected, such as gas leaks, smoke detection or water leakage or security, through motion sensors, video surveillance cameras, sensors of opening, glass break sensors, etc.

Through video surveillance cameras you can see everything that happens both outsides and inside the house and you can communicate, instantly, with the elderly person or with emergency services if necessary.

Every incident that occurs in the house can be notified at the moment by email, message or call, both to the elderly person who occupies the home and their families so that you can act immediately in an emergency.

These tasks, which can be done by homes with home automation systems, in addition to providing greater security, also saves time and money, while contributing to preserving the environment, since there is less energy consumption.

The current domotic systems are also characterized by their simplicity of handling, an essential feature so that the elderly can use it without problems. From the smartphone and through a mobile application, the elderly can control their home with the push of a button as well as communicate with other relatives and be in permanent contact with security cameras.

How to Get This Done?

Domotic companies such as Crestron Upgrade London adapt home automation systems to the specific situation for the care of the elderly, with the possibility of activations by voice or by mobile phone, through the installation, in each room of the house, of security and control cameras. Accesses that open and close doors and windows automatically.

Final Words

Technology is at the service of the care of the elderly. Domotized homes are a reality that allows the elderly to live in their homes and be cared for and protected.

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