Retaining and Improving SEO when Making Website Redesigns

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Retaining and Improving SEO when Making Website Redesigns

New websites are often seen as a chance to get SEO improved, as well as up conversions rates and even digital marketing. However, when done wrong, it can also result in disaster. This is the reason why the right steps need to be meticulously taken if one wants to ensure an easy and effortless transition from the old site to the new one. The last thing you want is to damage your site SEO which took you several years to build.

Website redesigns and SEO

Maintaining and improving your organic traffic and your ranking during a website redesign is a must. In order to achieve this, it is important to first have an understanding what works for you. You also need to find out about common issues that will likely come up as a result of a redesign. In addition, you will need to have a detailed plan in what needs to change on your new site. A good understanding of the areas where your SEO is weak is also crucial so you know where you must improve.  

What works

If you have run SEO campaigns before, then it should be easier for you to identify what works and what does not. At present, topics and keywords that rank work. The same is true for pages that are able to bring organic traffic in. Analysing what works and what do not will be necessary so you know how to go on about the redesign.

Common problems

There are a lot of issues that can stem from a site being redesigned. This can have something to do with technology and branding. It can also have something to do with lead generation and traffic. Among the most common issues you may need to deal with include content getting removed or changed, URLs may also change, and there may be changes to the page level optimisation. New content and sections can be added to the site, and even domain names, sub-domains, and protocols can also change.

Knowing what will change

Knowing what works and what does not and what are the things that could go wrong when you push through with the redesign, you will need to make sure that you have the right goals established beforehand. You definitely need to preserve your existing traffic and ranking and you also want to improve them.

Doing it right

A little planning ahead would be most helpful in ensuring that your redesign is not going to end in disaster. Keeping the old site live is essential and make sure it is accessible by crawlers too. Make sure to keep your crawl data. Try not to fix anything that does not need fixing. Minimise changes on contents that are performing really well. Ensure that there is on-page optimisation. Get your backlinks updated and take note of any changes to the structure of your internal links. Get your XML sitemap updated and make sure that this is submitted to both Bing and Google. Monitor your site traffic and your rankings too.

Redesigns should be a means to improve your conversion rate and your SEO. Learn more about effective redesigns by reading about Mason Soiza online.

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