Open Source Network Management Features and Importance

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Open Source Network Management Features and Importance

When it comes to digital day to day operations concerning management of platforms for organizations, it is essential to choose the best company to hire. Many digital companies have been created to oversee the enhancement of Development Operations, security, business leaders, support and many other vital aspects in the related field. These companies ensure that ideas are brought to life and worked on hence leading to successful operations.

It is important for a digital operations company to help its clients to resolve any business hindering incidents and to make sure that there is a good delivery of digital experiences to consumers. In many cases brand reputation and revenue hinge on the consumer and this is where digital operations management companies come in.

A newly developed networks,likeObservium, have been created to monitor platforms. They support several types of devices, operational systems that include; HP, Dell, Linux, NetApp among others. These network monitoring platforms aim at ensuring that your network has good status and health by giving a secure and simple interface.
They have been professionally developed, maintained and innovated by a team of workers who have a passion for network engineering and operations management. They have been made by engineers and administrators who are among the users.

According to, the platform manager has the following importance:

  1. It betters discernibility of one’s network by collecting and screening information about services offered and procedures that may not be quickly checked.
  2. It is an efficient tool for planning in the sense that it rationalizes capacity and disaster planning by ensuring that there are net metric assortments for a very long also gives a visual representation of data collected according to its performance.
  3. The platform manager also improves reliability by releasing information to the user. This information ensures that issues are dealt with before they cause damage to the service.

The operations management platform can be easily channeled through SVN-based issue device. This ensures that there are bug fixes, new features and quick access to safety. It has schema upgrades that can be performed automatically through CRON or can be done manually. It gets updates and very new characteristics in a period of 12 to 6 monthly release cycle. This is best for home usage, evaluation, lab environments or small placements which are not critical. It also has over 730 commits and more than thousands of lines of code since the last issue.

The platform operator supports Alcatel AIP, Foundry FDP and LLDP discovery protocols, Cisco CDP, Force 10 and Juniper, seller detailed data collection for load balancers, initiative packing systems and wireless admission opinions among others. Its team teams up with hardware sellers to test sustenance new devices. According to, one’s server needs to meet some specific requirements to run the software. It is presently in version 17.9 and can be used in a community and professional publication. The translation is available to the public at the cost of about 284 dollars only needs a storage RAM of 2GB to run in an average test setting.

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