Make your Profile Enter the Trending List of Instagram

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Make your Profile Enter the Trending List of Instagram

As per a survey, more than 35% of the youth in US uses Instagram on daily basis. And, Instagram is surely the most famous platform amongst people all over the world these days. Around 92% of people presently using Instagram belong to the age group of 18 to 50 years and still if you haven’t brought your business on Instagram yet, then you should definitely do it now.

Though business and figured out how they can use Insta for their benefits but, if there is a disconnection between you and your users, then your business cannot survive. Often people wonder how they can effectively develop their business in a more efficient and effective way than their competitors. Well, Instagram is opportunity which can give your business it’s much needed boost and if you do it in the correct manner, then you will surely stand out in the crowd.

Include your business in the Instagram trending list

Photos, videos and stores which are constantly available on the trending list of Insta are customized how you use your app. The content shown in the tab varies depending on the interest of every profile owner and this is why you see different search results in different accounts. Instagram displays the content of the people to you in whose content you are already interested in along with the contents which are being preferred by large masses on the app. So, if you want to get fame for your brand or company, then you should get more likes on your pictures. For this purpose, you should use the tips mentioned below:

Increase your Instagram account life

Though it may not be a big aspect but an important one to focus on! It helps in bringing your business in Insta trending list to some extent. If your account is pretty old, then the chances of being in the list will be more in comparison to a few week old account.

Buy real likes for your photos

To acquire active is one of the most important aspects to bring your business in the trending list. It is the only way to beat your competitors. Buy 40 Instagram likes on daily basis to increase the number of real and organic traffic to your profile. And, remember then engagement is the key. Remember to buy 40 instagram likes from a reputed site because there are accounts which have thousands of followers but do not appear in the trending list because the followers of these accounts aren’t active.

Make use of hashtags wisely

Hashtags are the best way to get maximum exposure on any post on Instagram. If you use hashtags wisely, then you can easily enhance your chances of coming in the explore tab. However, you should never over use hashtags.

Interact with your followers

Another key to enter the trending list is to stay in contact with your followers. Try to talk to them, get their feedback, put questions and competitions for them. Tell them the answers in the comment section. It will help you gain loyal consumer base.

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