League of Legends | All possible ways to promote your Elo Division

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League of Legends | All possible ways to promote your Elo Division

League of Legends in Depth guide | Basics, Advanced Strategies, Tricks 

League of Legends also known as LoL is the most popular moba game in the whole world. The basic rules of moba genre are extremely simple – you and 4 allies are uniting together against 5 enemy champions, the main goal is to exterminate the heart of the enemy’s team – The Nexus.

But if you want to play on a really high level you should be aware of the rules and regulations of the in-game society and some neat in-game mechanics like champion abilities and rune system.

There are many reasons to play this game. If you are aiming on getting fun then you could play normal queue. But if you want to play in ranked matches, then you should play like a professional. Master the game, master the champion, and most importantly, master your behaviour with team mates.

How to win matches in League of Legends | Behaviour tips 

As other MOBAs – LoL is a game where you play with other peoples, so your behaviour factors playing decisive role in the match’s end. All we want to win all games we play, so you must do all what you can to achieve this goal. Team’s morale is too important factor, that can be easily ruined by a few mean words. If you see that you teammate making a mistake, do not blame him. All we sometimes make mistakes, so just cheer him up. This action will be much more effective than blaming.

But as we all know, all peoples are different, and some of them are just overwhelming with toxicity. Such players can ruin your mood in a second, but you should learn how to ignore such kind of people.

So let’s sum up, in all situations try to encourage your team, and unite it. If you see that a person did not listen to your argument, then just ignore him.

How to deal with Trolls in SoloQ | League of Legends 

If you like to play League of Legends after a hard working day, then you must be aware that your chill-time can be ruined by trolls. Unfortunately there are no effective solution to decrease chances to meet a troll in a match, but you could save other people of his actions. Do not hesitate to report a player, and do not crave for the results. They will be shared with you automatically. Just be quiet and calm, and your position will be conveyed surely. If everyone will report trouble players, then the League of Legends will have much better community.

Lead your team | League of Legends 

If no one is going to be a leader, then it must be you and here you could find some tips. Team without good coordination cannot achieve anything, and can be easily destroyed by a well-coordinated team. It is very important to perfectly feel the game, to give advice and make orders to your team, so if you are a newcomer, then just patiently learn all aspects of the game. The best way of learning – is to learn from your mistakes.

There are a ton of players who knows how to play in LoL, but they just do not feel the game. You need to seek for every opportunity to make a map objective, like pushing a tower, killing a dragon or slaying Baron. You also need to know on what your champions are capable for. If you know strong sides of your team, then you could use them as advantages to overcome your opponents.

Explore best options to win the game, then build a plan with the highest winning chances and take steps towards that direction. Of course, you will need to make little enhancements according to the kills, deaths, and assists of your team, these numbers will give a data of the performance of your allies that will be used in the late game.

But remember to not pose yourself as a leader, just give advice to players. Instead of teaching others how to play better, you should focus on learning from them so that you could be better in future.

In-game mechanics of the League of Legends

League of Legends is very rich on a great mechanics, and to promote your Elo Division you need to know all of them. The more you know, the better you will feel the game, and this knowledge will greatly increase the chances of effective prediction of the enemy’s actions.

Know the map of League of Legends

When you stepping into the Summoners Rift you must know every corner of this map. You should know about every lane, every possible ganking route, about jungle minion’s respawn timer and etc. Only after learning the map, the game can be played in the best possible way without any issues.

Master every lane, learn about best positions of each gaming phase and you will see how the game will become easier.

Do not forget about the ping system, but do not abuse it. If you wants to offer a help, then better text it, so everyone understands your future ping. There are many ping options:

  • Assist Me ping – Use this, if you feel uncomfortable on a lane, and feel that you losing it. If you prefer to play as a Jungler or Roamer then be extremely attentive to this kind of pings.
  • Danger ping – If you know that there is an enemy somewhere around, or your teammate could be ganked in next minutes, then use this kind of ping.
  • Enemy Missing ping – always use it to signalize that an enemy is missing on a lane because in the worst scenario he can be on the hunt for your allies. Never forget about it, and reuse
  • On My Way ping – Aware allies that you are coming to assist them. In another case they just would not be ready for your actions.

The new smart ping system must be used, so you and your team will always be in advantageous position.

A few words about Ping Abusers. They should not lose the game for you, even if some idiot conveys thanks, your game behaviour must not be affected by his actions. If you see that all your team is just do not listen to your advices and pings, then it will be better to avoid all distracting messages. Disable chat, and you will spend all your focus on the game, and resources will be used in the most efficient way.

Map Awareness and Map Vision 

Even if you perfectly know the Summoner’s Rift map, you may still miss some opportunities. Train yourself to always look at the minimap, because it will give your a priceless data about enemy’s position. Firstly it will be ok to look at the minimap every 30 seconds, but in the greatest scenario you must look at the map every 2 seconds, at least glance on it.

Allies, especially in low elo leagues, frequently forget about telling SS, so you need to watch for this info just by yourself.

But Map awareness will be useless if you do not have enough vision. Even if your support is slacking, then you might want to buy some wards just to be sure that you are safe from the ganks.

You should buy totems and wards to make progress. If you play as an aggressive champion, then totems will help you, unveiling the position of the enemy. Also wards could you give an opportunity to ambush an enemy’s jungler, when he is on low hp.

If you prefer the safe gaming style, then wards will save your life more than once. They will give a priceless time to retreat back under the protection of the turret, or even time to cast the Recall, while champions are gathering around your position. Thus this you will buy a time for your team to free farm, while opponents wasting their time on hunting.

How to climb the Elo ladder in League of Legends 

League of Legends using Elo ranking system, and the higher your in-game rank, the better Elo division you will receive. There are next Elo Divisions in League of Legends:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

The better you play, the greater Elo Division you will receive and the stronger teammates will join you on the Summoners Rift. If you started to play recently, then probably you will receive Bronze Division, but if you quickly learn how to play properly, then you could quickly climb to the Silver, or even to the Gold Division. All players that play on all divisions above Gold, and especially on the Diamond Division are the real professionals in League of Legends.

The only problem in self-promoting your Elo is some place that is called Elo Hell. On low Division you could meet the real problem. You can do your best, but teammates could just ruin all your games, and continuously loses could break your mood, that will lead to more and more loses. To get out of Elo Hell you need to really master 4-7 champions and 2-3 roles. And even in that case, you still need many many hours of your free time to earn the Gold Division.

Gold is an important breakpoint, because at the end of the season Riot Games awards all players of Gold+ Divisions with the unique Victorious Champion Skin. So you need to do everything to climb to the gold or higher.

But there is a second option, to boost elo without spending hours of your lifetime – this is Elo Boosting Service. Below I will tell a little more about it.

Elo Boosting in League of Legends 

There are a plenty of boosting services on the web, most of them are suggesting services of real pros, that will boost your account in a few days. But i want to highlight only the one of them – Boosteria Company. They offering the lowest prices among the competitors f, but do not be scared. Boosteria is hiring only players with Diamond 5 or any higher, and that means that they working only with real professionals that can solo-win most of the low-division matches.

Boosteria’s employees know League of Legends so well, that they could predict every action of enemies, and find the best solution to solve all the problems. But why then the prices are so low? The answer is simple, Boosteria is taking the lowest percent of the organization services, and most of the money are going to the boosters themselves.

So Elo Boost looks like a perfect solution, if you want to climb up to the Gold, or any desired division, without spending too much time on a game.


As you could see the League of Legends is an extremely complicated game, where not only your in-game skill is affecting the result of a match, but also your behavior during the game.

Summing up, I can highlight next steps that leading to the high Elo Division:

  • Be nice with other players.
  • Know the map of League of Legends.
  • Master 4-7 champions to play LoL.
  • Master 2-3 roles to be useful in all situations.
  • Listen to your team, and always try to become a Leader if there are no other pretendents.

And be ready to play LoL a lot to learn all the aspects of the game, and only then you could start your way to the top Elo Divisions.


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