Know More About GDPR To Bring Your Business In Compliance With It

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Know More About GDPR To Bring Your Business In Compliance With It

All the business and the public institutions in the European Union must have heard about the general data protection regulation (GDPR). This is a new body of privacy regulations which will be in effect from 25th may, 2018. So you must know about the GDPR if you have the partners or the customers who operate within the borders of the European Union. Your business will have to face various economic penalties which will adversely affect the profitability of the business. For example imagine your enterprise being fined 2% of the total revenue; this will lead to a great loss.

As compared to the EU privacy legislation, the implications of the GDPR compliance for data protection and storage infrastructure focus on the protection of the individual privacy rights. The data which is stored and protected includes personal, private, medical records, government records, social information, cultural information and much more. Permission must be taken by the businesses from the individuals to use their personal data. Moreover, the data is also erased only on the request of the individual. A lot of demands can be fulfilled with the general data protection regulation compliance. An individual can also be appointed for this so that proper work on the GDPR issues is done.

Understand the terminology

It is very important for you to know properly the terms related to GDPR who will be the data protection officer who will give all the reports regarding the data breaches and will help in safeguarding the personal data of the EU citizens. The countries which are outside the EU do not have the high standards in the privacy of data of the citizens and the data which is stored outside the EU is at greater risk. So to lessen the risk, you must know the implications of the GDPR compliance for data protection and storage infrastructure and understand the terminology. The following are the important terms:-

  • Right to be forgotten – Every EU citizen has the right to erase their personal data whenever they want. The individuals can request that their personal information stored should no longer be processed. This is a very important issue and there is always having been ambiguity on this issue.
  • Processor – a commercial business which acts as a contractor to the controller as it stores the private information of the EU citizens. For example storage providers, application hosters etc.
  • Personal data breach – any data breach leading to the unlawful destruction, accidental destruction, loss, alteration or any unauthorised disclosure. The report of this must be done by the businesses within the 2 days to the supervisory authority after one gets to know about this. This will help in safeguarding your private data safe with the business and in no longer processing.
  • Data subject – it is with the personal data that the people of European Union will be recognised. This applies to the people who do online shopping or a citizen who is using the government services.



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