How to Recover Corrupt External HD Without Data Loss?

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How to Recover Corrupt External HD Without Data Loss?

Have you ever wondered what the reasons can cause corruption in your HDs for example external HD, SD card or USB? This article explains the causes that cause your external HD to corrupt and even provides solutions to help you recover corrupted files and even fix the corrupted external HD without missing any data. Follow to find out how to get back corrupted external HD without missing any data:

What can cause corruption of the external HD?

There are many reasons that can cause your HDs to be corrupted. Here is a list of reasons that can cause the external HD to be corrupted:

  1. Incorrect operation: Disconnect the device from the PC without ejecting.
  2. Virus attack.
  3. There are bad sectors in the storage device.
  4. File System error.
  5. Other unknown reasons.

To avoid an unexpected corruption of the storage device, it is highly recommended that users used compatible and updated storage devices, clean up viruses with antivirus software regularly, but if the problem has already occurred, how to solve it? Here below, we’ll explain you in what way to repair corrupted external HD without formatting so you can know how to get important data back and repair the corrupted storage devices.

Part 1. How to repair corrupted files from external HD?

If your external HD can be recognized by your computer, but the saved files are corrupted, you can follow these steps to repair the corrupted files:

Open Start and type: cmd, press Enter.

Type: chkdsk g: /f (if you HD is drive g:), click Enter.

This will help you repair the corrupted files.

If you can not get back the data, do not worry, read on and find solutions in the passages below.

Part 2. How to do data recovery from external corrupted HD?

When your storage device is suddenly corrupted, the most urgent is data recovery. Here are two methods:

Method 1. Use other computer or USB cable to get detected your storage device.

If the drive can be read, you can directly use your data.

If it can not be detected, you must use third party data recovery tools (which are introduced in Method 2).

Method 2. Recover corrupted HD data with third party data recovery software

There are several powerful third party HD data recovery tools that can help you recovering data from a corrupted storage device with simple clicks. Some work in DOS mode and some in Windows interface. You can search web to find one.

Part 3. Hire data recover experts to recover important data

There are some build-in Microsoft Windows tools and several third party programs to recover data from storage devices. But there is always room to hire experts for raid data recovery in Reston. Data recovery experts at are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to help every customer in recovery their precious data.

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