How to Know the Purchase Intention of Your Potential Clients Online or Offline?

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How to Know the Purchase Intention of Your Potential Clients Online or Offline?

When trying to sell products or services, it is necessary to know if people are willing to buy. Understanding the intention of your potential clients, prospects or consumers is essential to have the success you are looking for when setting up your business.

Know the Purchase Intention of Your Clients

Suppose your business is online (this can also be offline, and you want to add new products), that you already have a specific audience and now you want to get some income. For that you need to sell something, but what can you sell? Do you know what your target audience is willing to buy?

At this point, you should be thinking about conducting some market research, and in fact, it is advisable. Surveys are typical, and in that way, you can find out from your potential customers what your real purchase intentions are, but you have to go a little further, as these are usually not enough.

An actual market study is much more than asking people. Every marketing expert will analyze each variable: strength, opportunity, advantages, threats (size of the target market, competition, unmet needs, legal environment, etc.).

To complement the information, I invite you to see the importance of SEO score and studying the behavior of consumers, remembering that it is only a variable to take into account when a complete market study is made.

Is it True that the Surveys don’t Work? Is There Something Better in Front of the Consumer?

The most straightforward and most repeated response by experts is: “Take a survey to find out what your audience wants.” The phrase is so worn that it bores. I’ll tell you something that may surprise you, and in many cases, the surveys don’t work due to several factors that we will see below!

We already made it clear that doing a market study is not something as simple as many people without experience in the subject can make you believe, but how is it possible to start your business with something as simple as a survey and other information about. Based on your decisions, let me clarify why alone the polls don’t work.

Many investigations have shown that people lie when they are surveyed. They have also demonstrated that surveys are too bad to predict the future intentions of people. From the same interviewer, as the questionnaire questions are the factors that determine the real success of a survey.


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