How to increase the number of your Instagram followers

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How to increase the number of your Instagram followers

Today you will learn how to run an Instagram account. You will learn proven ways to increase the number of followers besides buying cheap Instagram followers. In a word: what to do to make the profile gain popularity and arouse emotions. Ready?
What to publish on Instagram

First of all, give something to others. It’s not only about well-composed photos, but also posts that give value to the observer. You will surely find people who are in the process or want to learn but have not found the motivation to learn.

Create your own style

Develop your own shooting and editing methods and stick with it. Not all photos must be prepared in the same way. The most important thing is that the recipient will find a diagram on your profile. 

Planning posts on Instagram

It is worth investing time in planning to keep your profile consistent in space (in the posts grid) and time (time of sharing). You’ll see if the photos match your scheme and adjust the time of sending your creation to the time of the highest viewing rate. Do you want to set the perfect time for publication? Test for a month, 2 times a day, different times of the day, to find the moment in which your posts collect the most likes and comments.

For optimization you will need an analytical tool that collects data on the activity of the followers. I recommend the Preview App, which in addition to advanced analytics has the function of reminding about posting and matching graphic creations to Instagram mesh.

How to get new followers on Instagram – Growth Hacking

I will present the safest method that will not block some Instagram or shadowbutton functions – this is very important. The method is as safe as if you buy real Instagram followers. Caution is never too much. What is this method? You need to diligently comment on photos of users who have similar interests, styles or match your target group.

How to go about it? First of all, specify the tags used by potential observers.

Example: Your photos fit in with minimalism? Go to tags associated with this style: #minimal #minimalism_world and so on. Secondly, choose profiles that do not have a large number of followers (preferably below 10,000). Like 3-4 photos, leave 1 comment and go to the next profile. At the beginning, start with 50 likes, 20 comments. Too much activity on your part can even result in blocking your profile! Gradually increase the limits (for example by 25 likes, 10 comments every 2 days).

Follow and unfollow method does not work

Do not ever do this method. If you do this bad method, your followers will feel that they are cheated. They will leave you immediately. This is an unfair method.

Be open to various options that come but be wise in choosing them. Not all options for increasing the number of Instagram followers are good. Make sure you choose the one that is truly safe.

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