How To Enrich Your Research by Using Text Analytics in 5 Ways?

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How To Enrich Your Research by Using Text Analytics in 5 Ways?

Text is an ultimate gateway to access the incredible troves, but at the same time, it can also be the bane of market research. The more text you have to access, the more you are able to learn. However, the key is to make the most of the data to gain significant results. Integrating Provalis content analysis tool to your market research toolkit can help you with this. Text analytics uses the computer based methods to make sense of the free data and the metadata associated with it. Here are the ways to enrich your research by the means of text analytics:

  • Open-ended responses

Sometimes, you are confronted with questions that cannot be simply answered by radio buttons and check boxes. That is when the experts focus on open ended questions to address this concern. Text analytics helps in comprehending the free data by allowing you to human code, machine-group and analyse the results when the outcomes are huge. Machine coding helps in accelerating the topic identification, sentiment and other trends in the free text data.

  • Leveraging metadata

If you have gained data through questionnaires or studied segmentation to put your customers into various audiences or demographics, you are aware of the strength of analysing survey metadata. Text analytics lets you segment open-ended responses, helping in the content analysis you have coded or scored with the help of custom machine classifiers.

  • Disambiguation

Whether you are analysing the text received from a survey or scanning social media, your efforts at coding or sentimental analysis is subjected to be confounded by overlapping the word usage. Text analytics techniques and tools help in sifting out irrelevant references to interests’ keywords and help you concentrate on the responses.

  • Brand recognition

Many organizations confront a very particular version of disambiguation challenge. The name of their company or brand name is common English or a foreign language word, hence making it tough to separate the references. Text analytics help in paving a way through the noise of social media so that you can focus on the references that actually refer to you.

  • Historical perspective

Survey research always poses a challenge allowing you to only question people about what they think, feel or do today, or expect them to do in the future. Until you are performing a longitudinal research with a community panel, you must be aware of the power of historical perspective. Text analytics helps in digging through historical data to provide you the long term perspective to gain an understanding about your brand.

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