How to Download Facebook Videos without a Software 

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How to Download Facebook Videos without a Software 

Among the video lovers there are some sites which are much popular as one can find different types of videos there. The facebook which is a leading social media site is one of them. However, for a common man it was not that easy to download videos from it but now situation is changed. It is a popular social networking site that gives the opportunity to watch and share videos. The problem initiates when you want to get it downloaded or save any video which is uploaded by some other user. Unfortunately, this social site media site has noeasy method to download the videos. By following the steps given here you can easily save the Facebook videos on your PC. This site offers no special feature to save the videos. However, this awesome trick will help you to know how to download facebook videos

Step 1

Choose the video that you want to download. If you are using the mobile version of the site, then simply replace ‘www’ by ‘m’.

Step 2

Paste this URL into your browser and click the go button. The modified version of the URL will open the same video on your mobile phone.

Step 3

Play the video for few minutes. Stop the video and right click on it. Select the ‘save video as ‘option from the menu.

Step 4

Save the video from the Firefox browser. Then enter the name and the path on the window that pops up on your screen. For chrome, all this happens in the same window whereas, for Firefox, a new window appears on the screen. If you wish to use the internet explorer browser to download the video then simply replace the ‘www’ by ‘m’. This is an easier method of downloading the Facebook videos.

Ninja technique

It is a simple method and often referred to as the ‘ Ninja technique’. This method is helpful not only in downloading the Facebook videos but videos from Vimeo, Twitter, YouTube, Voot, Instagram can also make be downloaded using this method. The ninja method for downloading Facebook videos involves the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Page

Go to the page from which you want to download the video. Click the more option that is just below the cover image. You may also need to scroll the page to find this option.

Step 2: Find the Video

Then find the video that you want to download. Click on the video to open it.

Step 3: Modify the URL

The most important step involved in the ninja technique is the alteration step. Modify the URL by changing the ‘www’ to ‘m’. Now, open the video using the new URL.

Step 4: Save the Video

Right click on the video and select the ‘save video as’ option. Downloading options will appear on the screen. Select the quality and location of the file. Make sure to choose a name for your file. It is important to play the video as the save option does not appear if the video is played. This is a simple technique to download unlimited videos from Facebook. Check this

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