How to Develop A Successful Onboarding Process

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How to Develop A Successful Onboarding Process

Bringing a new employee into the workplace can be a difficult process, even when you manage to hire the ideal candidate. It takes an effort on everyone’s part to help the new employee feel welcome and comfortable in their new position. That’s why onboarding processes are so important. Done correctly, onboarding can help the new member of the team feel involved in the organization much sooner. 

Onboarding Helps New Employees Learn the Ropes 

If you don’t tell your new hire where to find the tools they need to do their jobs, don’t expect them to ask. They want to make a good impression, so, in most cases, they’ll waste valuable time wandering around in search of those items. Yet, you also want to resist overwhelming a new employee with too much information. It’s a delicate balance and one which can be simplified with onboarding tools. By developing a program that’s more than a basic orientation, you can give your new hire detailed information about his duties without throwing too much at him at once. The idea is to create a situation where the new employee feels comfortable enough to jump in and start working at his assigned tasks. This is best accomplished by focusing on the logistical details of the individual’s job, so the workplace doesn’t feel as foreign and new. 

On the new hire’s first day, there are a few things you should have ready. Previously, an email or memo should have been issued to everyone in the workplace, notifying them of the new hire and making sure they make the individual feel welcome. Additionally, ensure the new hire will have everything he or she needs to get to work, which may include a security/access badge, make sure they have computer access, and enlist someone to lead the individual for any training that might be required. If it’s an office environment, placing a nameplate at the individual’s desk may make him or her feel more welcome. 

Keep Your Workplace Prepared for New Hires 

Even if your company doesn’t have a high turnover rate, keeping the environment friendly to visitors and new hires is a good idea. This can prevent a new employee from asking the CEO of the company about a copier malfunction. By setting up an area that features photos corresponding to names and job titles, mistakes can be avoided, and new hires can better get acclimated. It doesn’t have to be a large display. A standard bulletin board displayed in a high traffic area will be good enough. It’s also a good idea to make sure your new employee is made aware of perks and benefits. For instance, a “casual Friday” should be preceded by a memo describing the event. Additionally, assign someone to make sure the new hire is made aware of the benefits for which he qualifies, so there’s no misunderstanding later. It can also be a good idea to involve the employee in company social functions as early as possible. This helps him get acquainted with his co-workers in a more social setting. Making a new employee feel comfortable and welcome goes a long way toward helping him do a good job. A successful onboarding program can lead to your new hire jumping in and feeling confident enough to excel in his new position. By taking the time to bring him up to speed, you can help create an efficient and productive new team member.


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