‘Google my Business’ Is it really necessary?

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‘Google my Business’ Is it really necessary?

What are SERPs?

A SERP essentially is the webpage that opens up after you have searched for a set of keywords you find fit for your queries on a search engine. Search Engine Result Page(s) or SERPs is the webpage that is the response to your search and may contain relevant search results along with some advertisement material.

Why is it essential to own Google my Business listing?

In this fast-moving world and digital era, everything we do is on the move, be it searching for a local eatery or a place to hang out and catch a drink with your friends at. You might be doing your groceries, or you are out shopping for that family dinner next week.

The first thing we do is ‘search it up on google.’ Hence, an online presence of your business is of utmost importance. Google my Business is a customized platform for online companies to make a print of their existence in the digital world. The chances are high especially if your business is listed with Google my business, you would have a more pronounced visibility when people are searching for company. For instance, if you own a restaurant, a person who is seeking a decent eatery in a specific area would be provided with your Google my Business listing.

How does ‘Google my Business’ function?

Google my Business works by simply logging in to your google account, and make a business profile for your very own business. Add loads of pictures, exact address, describe what you do uniquely, and give other relevant details of your business. Once your profile is made, ask your customers to fill in the feedback form provided by Google, and ask them to rank you. This brings credibility to your business and allows you to be acknowledged by the google as a business.

You could further increase activity by inviting celebrities and influential people to your webpage. Also, connect your Facebook and YouTube pages to my business profile too, if you have a webpage, make sure to link it here too, also try some SEO content to increase the traffic.

Why is Google my Business necessary to rank high in SERPs?

Google my Business is an excellent tool to rank high in the Search Engine Result Pages. This is because Google algorithm works in a way that would essentially favour businesses associated with Google itself. Following are the ways Google my Business actually helps your business.

Expanded Opportunities For Your Business

Google’s search engine is designed in a way that it shows the top 10 results on the first page when a specific term is searched for. These results are shown on the bases of the number of contributing factors like speed of the website, the backlinks included, lower bounce rates, and many others. Google my Business allows your business to be in the top 10 search results. But it is important to remember that though the top positions are important, even more, important is to maintain the top spot.

Top Position Gets More Traffic

As for search engines other than Google, the top spot will receive the highest amount of traffic, a massive 42 percent, the second receives 11 percent while the third search gets as low as 8 percent of the total traffic. Hence, a clear indicator why your business should be on top. Same is the case with google search engine. And coming in topmost search results build credibility and authenticity in your business, inclining people to continue making transactions with you.

Increases business authenticity

Increases in the SERPs does not just enhance your online presence, and it also boosts your business’ success. The top results create a sense of authenticity and provide more leads to your business, which could increase your sales and credibility, both. In a corporate world full of competition, this type of authenticity and credibility works wonders for your business. You may invite tough competition, but it would only bring your business more benefits and eventually better profits and brand image.

Hence, Google my Business is the proper tool for getting high rankings in the SERPs. Google my Business, allows your business to enjoy better reach to the customers, increases your authenticity, and eventually increases profits of your businesses. Google my Business provides your business a digital footprint that benefits your own business in every way and eventually helps you and your business grow.


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