Google goals that you must know about in order to obtain your path to self-improvement

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Google goals that you must know about in order to obtain your path to self-improvement

Goals can be very easy to set up, but very hard to achieve. Moreover, they are very hard to monitor when we are burdened with our daily responsibilities. That is where Google Calendar app comes in so handy providing you ample assistance to schedule and track your goals. You can also get more savings using Coupon Hub. Here we list 9 Google goals that you must learn to obtain your own path to self-improvement.

1.    Scheduling a stretch session is mandatory: as most of the people are working, they tend to sit at their desk for hours. This turns out to be unhealthy as the body remains in the same position. People forget to get up and move around until and unless they have a meeting to attend or they need to go to the washroom. In such cases, your body requires stretching. Set a goal such that you steal some of the time from your work and perform some stretching by concentrating on your lower back. This will maintain your body balance and keep you healthy.

2.    Brainstorming: in order to achieve self-development, you must be very clear about your life and career. You need to train your brain with information. There are specific applications such as “Elevate Brain Training” which does the brainstorming work. You can download it for free on Android as well as on iOS. This app offers daily games and by playing these games you can exercise your brain, increases your concentration and improves the ability to retain and understand information.

3.    Learn a new language: Nowadays you can get hundreds of apps that are especially dedicated to learning another language. Speaking a second language can help you open up a world of job opportunities. It gives your brain a boost and improves your memory, thereby reducing the risk of age-related cognitive decline. But always remember one thing, all of this work only if you choose to use them. Just learning a new language won’t help in the long, you also need to speak. Make use of Google goals to remind you to practice as you learn a new phrase every day.

4.    Maintain a diary: you can aim at maintaining a virtual diary. When you start maintaining a diary, you become motivated in ticking off the accomplishments and achieving your goals. You visualise the goals on paper and this brings you closer to the path that you need to achieve them.  It improves your writing practice. You can write down your feelings daily and things that you’re grateful for. It is recommended to use the “Five Minute Journal” app for maintaining quick diary entries. Writing is always a better and safer method to let things out than a twitter rant. Set Google goals to remind you, so that you make use of the app or a notebook once a day.

5.    Stick to a habit that you tend to forget: use Goals to remind you to drink certain amount of water every day or any other practices that you conveniently ignore. Sometimes, it can be just planning your outfits the night before work and not necessarily any health-related habit. It can be merely a habit of making your bed every day for a week. No matter whatever habit you wish to adopt, set a goal so that you avoid forgetting it.

6.    Learn to code: when you start learning a code, you tend to become smarter and start thinking differently. It leaves a positive impact on your career. When you set a goal for the first time, you might feel a bit overwhelming at the first place. But gradually you would turn into a coding master.

7.    Read more: reading is considered as a healthy habit. The more you read, the more knowledge you tend to gain. It helps to increase your verbal as well as writing skills. It helps to articulate your thoughts and bring you closer to the goal of self-improvement. If you are amongst the one who tries to read more but faces problems, then you must set goals to remind you to read at least a chapter a week. There is an app called Bookling app which helps to keep track of how much you’re reading.

8.    Human interaction: According to a study, it is proven that human interaction is essential for a healthy brain. Sometimes you become isolated, and you don’t even realise it. For this, you need to set goals so that it reminds you to text or call a friend a few times per week. In this way, you would interact.

9.    Planning a big project: when you are into a big project such as Christmas shopping or some work at the office, you end up scrambling to finish the stuff at last minute. Try to set smaller weekly goals to achieve your work.



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