Different kinds of logos

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Different kinds of logos

Have ever wondered about how many ways there are to create a logo and what kinds of logos can be created for what reasons. Well, for the former part, the best way to create a logo is by using online logo makers and their online logo designs. These online logo designs provide the most satisfying way of working and they are for free.

Talking about the latter part, there are seven major types of logos, which you can pick from to create a logo for your company or business. Below are the seven types stated?

  • Lettermark

A lettermark is the alphabetical representation of your business name. lettermarks allow your customers to remember your logos quickly. For suppose your business has a long name and you want it wall in your logo (which is not possible) you can at least write the acronyms of your business. Let us say your company name is Abode Dramatics and Acting Institute, you can put this on your logo as “ADAI” and make it your lettermark. Create your own lettermark by using online logo designs.

  • Wordmark

A wordmark, unlike lettermark, does not have the acronyms; instead, it has the company name written on it completely. The best example of wordmark is Google. Google is just a simple one-word logo without any designing, without any graphics, only a word, which is inspiring millions of people. Wordmarks capture the audience attention in less than no time and it at times, the logo itself becomes a verb to be done.

  • Pictorial Marks

Pictorial marks are simply a graphical representation of your logo. Regardless of the fact that what your business is, a pictorial mark is just a picture of any creature of substance you choose and make it your identity. Just like Apple and Twitter.

  • Abstract Logo Mark

When you do not want to write anything on your logo, be it a word or a letter. Moreover, when you do not want any substance being your identity, then another option is Abstract Logo Mark. These logos are created by designing any abstract shape you want. Be it a triangle, circle, hexagon etc. Mascots

Mascots are basically having a specific person or things’ graphical representation for your logo. Just as KFC has a man with a wide bright smile, you can also do so. It is a better way of engaging people and entertaining them as well. Mascots can be anything from a human to a cartoon character or any animal if you find is suitable.

  • Combination Mark

A combination mark can be created by the combining lettermark, wordmark, pictorial marks, abstract logos or mascots. They are the merge of a graphics and words as well. You can place them in any shape, order or size. Your will decides what you want in this one. Let your creativity touch the sky by making logo through online logo designs.

  • The Emblem

Emblem has a specific structure to follow. They are consist of words written inside the symbol or an icon. Just as Starbucks has a mermaid and the name written inside of it.

These were the seven types of logo you can create for free and make your company look more professional.

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