Building Candidate Relationships with Executive Recruiting Software

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Building Candidate Relationships with Executive Recruiting Software

One important key to differentiation for a recruitment service firm is economy of scale. While putting out recruiting fires – the frantic search for a brand-new job candidate to fill a client’s urgent hiring need –  will still occasionally occur, recruiting software can exponentially reduce the time and effort of most applicant search, interview and onboard processes. It can as well foster ongoing relationships with the candidates in the database.

The larger and more detailed a recruiter’s list of job candidates, the faster and more accurately he or she can respond to a client’s urgent hire need. Executive recruiting software, with its management of social media and other relationship tools, can quickly grow this crucial and handy candidate list. It can, as well, facilitate ongoing candidate relationships. The recruiter can then reach out for any of multiple opportunities for which they, or candidates they know, would be a good fit.

Executive recruiting software fosters recruiter / job candidate relationships by:

  • Enabling periodic, customizable and scheduled email, phone and text communications with prospective candidates
  • Automating one-step postings to multiple sources that include recruitment sites, social platforms, and chosen websites and blogs. 
  • Automating the time-consuming headaches of interview scheduling, and the collection and in-house distribution of feedback on candidate interviews 
  • Providing quick, easy, organized search of candidate database, by keyword or customizable categories such as region, education and level of interest (active, passive, for example.) 

There is no greater obstacle to a mutually productive recruiter / candidate relationship than poor response. A recruiter must quickly thank a candidate for her application, or let him know, soon after the interview, that while he wasn’t the choice for this job he’s still in the recruiter’s hire pipeline. Without these timely, customized contacts the recruiter / candidate break-up will be bitter.

The time involved in manually searching, scheduling, interviewing, and organizing applicants for each position often makes timely response – or any response at all – an improbable or impossible task. In contrast, recruiters who use executive recruiting software are responsive standouts, to whom candidates gravitate and refer others as well. 

Why do ongoing recruiter / client relationships matter?

Thirty-four percent of current U.S. workers have reported plans to change employers within the coming year. For millennials the number is higher – a staggering 51 percent. Recruiters who treat candidates as one-time contacts lose the opportunity for multiple placements, and the competitive advantage of less costly, and far timelier hires for their employers. 

Recruiters who abandon the clumsy manual recruiting processes of old to build ongoing candidate relationships by way of recruiting software are rewarded with satisfied clients and financial success. 

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