Avoiding Flood-Damaged Used Cars Bloomington IN Warning

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Avoiding Flood-Damaged Used Cars Bloomington IN Warning

When looking for used cars Bloomington IN is a great place to start. However, when buying a used car there are a variety of things you should look for if you want to avoid buying a vehicle that is loaded with hard to detect issues such as one that was previously flooded.

Do you know how to detect if a vehicle has been in a flood?

Are you sure?

Here is what you need to know if you want to avoid Contract Hire a flood-damaged car that someone has rebuilt and put back on the market.

1. Always Buy from a Reputable Dealership

The best way to avoid buying a previously flooded car is to buy it from a reputable dealership. A reputable dealership will never risk their reputation selling you a vehicle with a rebuilt title.

2. Never Buy a Car with a Rebuilt Title

A vehicle that has been retitled is one that was previously considered totaled and inoperable. These cars are then purchased, restored then put on the market for sale. The title does indicate that it is, in fact, a rebuilt title, so if that’s indicated you might want to reconsider your decision. Additionally, most insurers will allow you to purchase liability and the collision coverage for that vehicle; however, most won’t even consider providing you with full coverage. So that’s something else you need to think about.

3. How to Check a Car for Flood Damage

There are several things you should look for if you want to avoid buying a flood-damaged car.

  • Does the vehicle have a musty odor?
  • Look around and under the carpet and floor mats for dirt or stains.
  • Check the glove box, ashtray, and all other compartments for traces of mud, water stains, or residual water.
  • Also, if the carpet and seat material seems newer than the rest of the vehicle, this could be a red flag as well.
  • Inspect the entire vehicle for rust or corrosion.
  • Check the engine’s oil and the transmission fluid to see if it looks white and cloudy or has beads of water in it. This might indicate water damage.
  • Listen for a gritty sound when moving the seats up and back. If you hear a gritty type of sound this could be from sand or dirt from the flood that has made its way into the tracks.

The Bottom Line

Even if there haven’t been any recent storms, floods, or hurricanes, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to check for water damage. Sometimes these vehicles sit for a long time before they are purchased and restored. So if you are looking for used cars Bloomington IN reputable dealers will be the first ones to tell you…Buyer Beware!


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