ArkhamJS: The Perfect Flux JavaScript Framework for All Kinds of Projects

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ArkhamJS: The Perfect Flux JavaScript Framework for All Kinds of Projects

ArkhamJS is a lightweight Flux JavaScript framework that is ideal for accommodating projects of all sizes – irrespective of whether it is a small start-up project or projects from large enterprises. This state management library is mostly used with ReactJS, which is also a remarkable library, but unfortunately it’s not a framework.

What makes ArkhamJS the perfect framework for all types of projects is its simplicity and ease of use. Discussed below are few of its features that make ArkhamJS the right choice for developers:

  • ArkhamJS is based on Flux architecture, which emphasizes on one-directional flow of data. It comprises of three different parts: Dispatcher, Stores, and Views/Reactions.
  • It uses only one source of data, thus being very fast, highly reliable, and easy for debugging. This framework uses selectors to check the app state and get information relevant to the context. So, each and every dispatch processes only relevant data.
  • ArkhamJS is a highly versatile framework, which can be used to code anywhere once you learn it since it is not associated with any specific library. Developers can use it either on the front-end or on the back-end. It can be used within any existing library or as a standalone framework.
  • The best part of using this framework is undoubtedly its simplicity and ease of use. New developers can master using the framework within no time.
  • Developers can use immutable objects to prevent object referencing. With a change in mutable state, it’s not just the property of the state that changes, but also the item that it references. Immutable objects give the data a unidirectional update path to prevent passing of objects between several states.
  • TypeScript is not needed here, but still ArkhamJS is designed to work well with TypeScript. It also has the required definitions to support the TypeScript project.
  • ArkhamJS comes with state debugger activated. So, any state change or action that goes through the framework is logged in the console. This makes the earlier as well as the subsequent state visible to developers.

Overall, ArkhamJS is the first choice of developers when it comes to selecting a JavaScript framework, thanks to the simplicity it offers and its amazing features.


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