All In One Smartphone Security Solution

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All In One Smartphone Security Solution

Smartphones today come packed with countless features. They have become a widely accepted business communication tool. It enables us to run our business on the go, even when we are travelling. On the one hand we enjoy the convenience this device offers us and on the other hand it also subjects us to series of security concerns.

Smartphones are used to send emails, share images, listen to music, chat with friends, family and business colleagues, make presentations, store sensitive information, shop online and so on. It serves as our morning alarm and our entertainment gadget late at night. We cannot think of our lives anymore without these devices. When we are using our smartphones in so many different ways we send out loads of information. A lot of data transfer takes place. There is no guarantee that this data is secure and that this data reaches only the intended recipients. In many instances it is not the case. Hackers who are after our information for various reasons capture the information from our communications and misuse them. They use it for marketing purposes or use to steal our money. If you were to go about finding a different tool for protecting each feature and each function of the smartphone, our phones memory would be smothered by these security tools. However, we cannot take any of these security concerns lightly. We will need to be protected by all means.  If you think that you will get the required protection just by using a simple cryptophone you could be wrong in your presumption. There is much more at stake here than just using a basic cryptophone.

What you need here is an advanced security solution such as SkyECC, which does not limit itself just to one or the other aspect of your smartphone security. You will enjoy end to end, comprehensive, 360 degree protection when you go for SkyECC. This security app does not stop with making great promises but it delivers exactly what it promises.

Your emails are fully protected. When we say fully protected it covers both email headers as well as email body. Your chat communications are protected too. You can send self-destructive messages that delete themselves after a stipulated time from all the locations.

Your scanned images of sensitive documents are protected too when you send out through a phone that uses SkyECC because this is one of the few tools that offers image encryption. Further to that you will also be able to set duress passwords which will be very useful when you are subjected to physical threats and forced to share the password. Further to that, you should also know that this security app can withstand even the worst brute force attacks that you could think of. In every way, SkyECC is the best security tool that we have. You will not be able to find any better solution today to take care of your online security concerns.

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