6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Managed Voice Services

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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Managed Voice Services

Does your business value communication with your employees and customers? Do you feel that your company’s communication system can still be improved?

For instance, does the PBX system of your company often get clogged with call traffic during peak hours?

If your business relies heavily on voice calls, your operations can be negatively affected if your telephone lines are inefficient. Potential deals can be cancelled, and customers can be disappointed.

You surely don’t want that to happen, especially if you have a startup company. The solution here is managed voice connectivity for your company. With managed voice services, you gain the following advantages:

1. Effective internal coordination

In the ancient Chinese military treatise, “The Art of War,” Sun Tzu argued:

“If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, the general is to blame. But if his orders are clear, and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers.”

This passage primarily refers to the importance of communication clarity between the superior and the subordinates in executing proper actions based on instructions.

In terms of business operations, Sun Tzu’s assertion can be interpreted as the necessity for proper coordination between the management and the workforce. Voice calls can facilitate clearer instructions and responses compared to other means of non-face-to-face communication.

2. Employee motivation

Interdepartmental communication and collaboration can be facilitated through voice connectivity. This is particularly important during remote conferences. Companies that operate internationally have departmental offices separated by hundreds or thousands of miles and seas.

Voice communication through telephone connectivity is more personal and, hence, may be considered more sincere, and can help sustain group cohesion in large organization. Getting a call from your boss overseas to give you a commendation is better than a congratulatory email.

3. Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is crucial for new business enterprises that are trying to carve their own niche in the market. The loyalty of your customers can only be gained if they are satisfied by the goods and services offered by your company. However, key to this satisfaction is communication.

Oftentimes, minor miscommunication or failure to communicate is the main source of customer dissatisfaction. For instance, if some customers are trying to inquire about a new product that your company is offering, they are likely to lose patience if your customer service call center does not efficiently handle such calls. Responsiveness becomes even more important when it comes to customer complaints and requests for assistance.

4. Time for more important things

Using managed voice services can improve the connectivity of your private branch exchange (PBX) system. Instead of spending precious time solving call traffic technical issues, your company can focus on providing the services and products required by your customers.

If you simply delegate the management of PBX call traffic to a phone company, you can save time, money and manpower.

5. Lesser load for the IT staff

With managed voice services, your IT staff will be relieved from the burden of eliminating bugs and implementing patch-ups on your PBX system and IVR system. The IT staff can focus on more important aspects of your business operations such as web store management, security and transaction automation.

Calls can be queued more efficiently and processed more effectively if you allow a third-party dedicated service to direct your calls. Your digital switchboard computer system will be less overwhelmed by high-volume calls as well.

6. Professional public image

A dedicated phone line is essential for projecting a professional public image for your company. Even in the digital age, a dedicated voice service is still one of the most effective ways by which a business can interact with the public.

Websites, social media pages, and computerized interactive voice responses (IVR) are still secondary in terms of the personal touch that a company can provide. Voice calls with a human being on the other side of the line provides assurance that the company cares about their customers.

Invest in voice connectivity

If you haven’t done so yet, consider including managed voice services a part of your business solutions. Depending on the nature of your business, it could either be at the center of your strategy or supplemental to other means of communications.


As your organization grows and your operations become more complex, the need for voice connectivity will become indispensable.


Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.


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