4 Surprising benefits of telephone answering services to a small business

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4 Surprising benefits of telephone answering services to a small business

First impressions are critical, especially for small growing businesses. In today’s world, it is rare that the first interaction with your customers is face to face. It is common that the first point of contact for potential customers is through a telephone call. Telephone answering services have been around for many years, but as technology advances, there are new integrations to the call center support service. Below are a few ways that your business can benefit from professional telephone answering services.

Lead collection
If you are running a small but growing business, it is close to impossible to keep up with all the phone calls you receive on a daily basis. If you are missing calls, you are probably missing business as well. More than 80% of potential customers do not call back after you do not receive their call. 80% is a huge number that cannot be ignored. With call center support, you do not have to miss calls anymore. Also, they can capture the information you need about your potential clients and send it to you.

Sound professional at all times
As stated above, first impressions matter a lot when it comes to businesses. While you and your employees might strive to sound professional all the time, there are days when you are overwhelmed with plenty of tasks. In such moments of stress and fatigue, you might not offer the best customer service when answering phone calls. Such calls can make a potential customer take their business elsewhere to a competitor. However, with call answering services the staff are trained to properly handle and manage all incoming calls meaning your customers receive consistent professionalism.

Out of office hours support
Traditionally, most businesses operated on a strict schedule, 9 -5 Monday through Friday, but today most businesses are embracing work from home models and flexi-time. It is also worth mentioning that most businesses are appealing to the global market and international customers might call at odd hours because they are in a different time zone. Hence there is a need for business to be handled outside the traditional office hours. Hiring call answering services you can be sure that they never close. All your call is answered round the clock.

Free up time for more important business
Dealing with all incoming calls can be both distracting and time consuming for you and your team. As your business grows, you need to focus more on growing the business and generating revenue. Professional call answering services help your team concentrate on what is important.

Call answering services do more than save you time and money. There are many more benefits associated with telephone answering services that your business can benefit from.

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